The Curriculum in Assistive Robotics and Engineering (CARE) is an offering of multidisciplinary learning experiences on engineering to treat human disability, including university-level robotics instruction, sponsorship of engineering capstone projects, and K12 research experience and mentorship (internships, workshops, and citizen science activities). The overarching objective is to improve engineering education on human-centered design by facilitating increased communication and interaction between engineering students and individuals with physical disabilities. This program is sponsored by a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.


Fall 2022: ME Graduate Seminar (Rehab Engr focused Speakers: Karl Zelik, Hyunglae Lee, Dan Aukes, Damiano Zonatto)

Fall 2021: ME 542 Advanced Robotics

Capstone Projects

We are looking to work with people with disabilities on custom engineering solutions to a challenge in your life. Please fill out this project request form.

Fall 23 – Exo Rehab Gaming App

Fall 23 – Ankle exo design

Fall 22 – Integrated ankle exoskeleton design

Fall 22 – Arm exoskeleton design

Spring 22 – Passive Ankle Exo Design Team

Fall 21 – Hip Exo Design Team #3

Fall 21 – Team Rehab Remote

Fall 20 – Exoskeleton Actuator Design Team

Fall 20 – Hip Exoskeleton Design Team

Internship Program

Welcome our first cohort!

Gray Becker
Sergio Zuniga

Workshops and Tours

NAU Robotics Workshop 2023

Upward Bound 2022