Zach Lerner, Ph.D., Lab PI

Zach is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and an affiliate investigator with the Center for Bioengineering at NAU.



Publication Profiles

Ying Fang, Ph.D., Postdoc

I am a postdoctoral scholar in Mechanical Engineering at NAU. Before joining the Biomechatronics lab, I got my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My dissertation project investigated functional electrical stimulation rowing and its effect on bone health among people with spinal cord injury. My previous research involves using biomechanical analyses, modeling, and imaging techniques to understand the mechanics of different exercises and the way they affect human’s musculoskeletal system. Having both the Kinesiology and engineering background, I would like to integrate assistive device with rehabilitation to increase physical activity and the overall life quality of the people with disabilities.


Thang, Ph.D., Postdoc

Thang Nguyen is a postdoctoral scholar in Mechanical Engineering at NAU. He received his Ph.D. degree in Systems and Control from Rutgers University. He held positions at the University of Melbourne, the University of Leicester, the University of Exeter, International University – Vietnam National University HCMC, Cleveland State University, and Ton Duc Thang University. His research interests include optimization, adaptive and robust control, Atomic Force Microscope, and robotics.


Jason Luque, Lab Manager

Jason Luque is an undergraduate student in NAU’s Electrical Engineering program.


James Babers, MS Student

James Babers is a Masters student in Mechanical Engineering at NAU.


Benjamin Conner, M.S., MD/PhD Student

I am an MD/PhD student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix with an interest in orthopedics and rehabilitation. Broadly, I would like to use the clinical insights and skills from my medical education in conjunction with my training as a scientific investigator to conduct translatable research in the field of biomechanics and engineering. More specifically, I would like to study and develop new technologies and evidence-based rehabilitative programs that enable movement in children and adults with physical disabilities.


Safoura Sadegh Pour Aji Bishe, M.S., PhD Candidate

Safoura Sadegh Pour Aji Bishe is a PhD student in the Bioengineering program at NAU.


Taryn Harvey, MS Student

Taryn Harvey will be a graduate student in NAU’s Mechanical Engineering program.


Greg Orekhov, PhD Student

Greg is a recent mechanical engineering graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (BS/MS) and is now pursing his PhD in bioengineering at NAU. His interests are prosthetics, biomechanics, robotics, and neural integration. Greg’s research under Dr. Zachary Lerner is to develop an adaptive control system for a knee and ankle exoskeleton system that will perform adjustments to the support provided to a patient over long periods of time to optimize performance.


Leah Liebelt, MS Student

Leah is a Masters student in NAU’s Mechanical Engineering program.


Elizabeth Orum, Undergrad Student

Elizabeth is an undergraduate student at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions.


Emily Frank, Undergrad Student

Emily is a research nurse currently studying biochemistry (medicinal chemistry) and health sciences at ASU.


Chance Cuddeback, Undergrad Student

Chance is an undergraduate student in NAU’s Mechanical Engineering program.



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Keith Caton

Gain Maria Gasparri, Ph.D.

Hannah Rentschler

Joel DeWitt


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