General Recommendations

  • Please be careful with the motor unit, which contains sensitive batteries, motors, and electronics. Please do your best not to drop, knock, or crush it.
  • Please be careful with the foot plate connecting wires. These can break easily.
  • Please be careful with the wire entering the torque sensor (aluminum anchor part at the ankle).
  • We recommend using shoes with a removable in-sole/sock liner, and removing the liner during the trial (just relying on the footplate foam).
  • We recommend using a fully charged battery when beginning a new trial that is expected to last >15-20 minutes.
  • We recommend powering off the device if a user takes a long seated break.
  • Please be careful when starting each new trial (if the device is not powered off) because the device settings will be active (i.e., torque may immediately be provided).
  • The device provides torque as a percent of the user’s body mass. We recommend starting with lower torque at first (20-25% BW), which can be entered using the “Custom” torque selection.
  • We recommend wrapping a self-adhesive tape (Coban or similar) under the calf cuff for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • We recommend storing the device with the cables straight so a to minimize excess tension being maintained for extended periods of time.
  • Please provide feedback or make feature requests here.
  • Additional donning instructions can be found here.
  • Please contact us with any questions.
  • Link to test app:

Your device

Device and component placement.

Turning it on

Using the app

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Attaching foot plates

Removing footplates

Calf cuffs

Thigh straps

Cable tension check